Time For an Artist Way Reboot!


Well, as we know, life is what happens while making other plans and viva for other plans because these ‘ accidental’ delays, detours and yes total pull overs in the breakdown lane have led to the good, the bad and the ugly…but never ever,  ever the boring!

Last winter, I was in the beautiful city of Oaxaca where I taught Intermediate English and Conversational for Oklahoma English in Centro. This was a very rewarding experience and because it was all encompassing this blog went on an inadvertent hiatus.

Well, let me announe that I’m baaaaack and have recommitted to getting back to the joys of being involvedette in the blog o sphere!

With not one but three blogs!




Okay, now that I’ve declared my intention; always a good first step I need to FOCUS on following through!

What’s the NEXT right step as Julia Cameron likes to say?

Stay tuned, as they say in television land!




Creativity is rejected: Teachers and bosses don’t value out-of-the-box thinking.



Sadly, this can be the case while still working full time. I know it was when I was teaching in the most conservative school district in Penticton.

Fortunately, when retired, you still have a chance to unclip your wings, spread them right out and fly to new horizons!

Join us in August for another Magical Mystery Carpet Ride that is the Artist Way! Julia Cameron is releasing a brand new book called

It’s Never To Late! Explorations in Midlife and Beyond.

Twelve weeks. Twelve themes. Unimagined benefits in ALL directions in your life!

Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in Nanaimo. Place TBA. 175. plus a 20 material fee. We will be doing some intuitive painting this session with  acrylic paint in riotous colours from Mexico!

Group/Grupo Twelve coming up this ssssummer!

Exhausted? Me too. 3 Things Lisa Does To Feel Better (with downloadable art for you) | Lisa Sonora



Re: Winter in Oaxaca

A couple of weeks back I had the good fortune to attend a cafe/galleria opening where I met one of the featured artists in attendance, an expat originally from Chicago. Her name is Lisa Sonoran and she’s made her home in the funky, upscale colonia of Reforms. This neighborhood is next to my barrio of Xochimilco which is at a walkable distance from  Centro.

In chatting with Lisa, I found out that at some point she met Julia Cameron in person! I mentioned that I’m an Artist Way facilitator who has led eleven groups/grupos on both sides of the border.

Penticton and
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Ajijic, Jalisco and
San Miquel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Before leaving for my fifth winter in Mexico we wrapped up the eleventh session in a friend’s spectacular oceanview home. We had nine participants and the book we used was Riding the Dragon; the Artist Way at Work.  This is a phenomenal book with powerful themes for our twelve week session. I’d certainly love to journey through this book again but for the full 12 weeks this time.

And, the big news is that Julia Cameron is releasing a brand new book in April!  It’s called

It’s Never Too Late; the Artist Way in Midlife and Beyond.

I totally believe this because at 53  due to an idea planted during an earlier Artist Way group I applied and was accepted to attend Documentary Film School in Havana, Cuba. While there I co directed and co produced an eleven minute documentary called Nowhere Man.

Here’s the link to view my first eleven minute documentary.

But I digress. Just tonight I offered the Unity Church of Nanaimo first option on the next right step (as Julia Cameron likes to say) on the Artist Way journey. A 12 week session using the new Artist Way book including some experiential explorations of intuitive painting this time around.

Just this week I discovered a fantastic art supply store in Centro called  Freida Khalo Art Supplies. They carry a riotous collection of all kinds of acrylic paint in vibrant Mexicana colores! They also stock round and oval canvases which are an interesting departure from the usual square and rectangular ones.

And finally, it feels quite good to be blogging once more. Due to a fairly intensive involvement in my first paid TESL teaching job here my writing has taken a back seat to researching videos and materials at the right level for my three classes. But, because I have no television I’ve been reading vociferously! One or even two books a week! It all started with

Avenue of Mysteries by John Irving

which is set right here in Oaxaca.  I’m familiar with most of the local references because I’ve walked past them in my daily walkabouts! If you are an Irving fan I would definitely check it out either from the local library or from Google Playbooks. It’s taken a while but I’ve finally made the transition to enjoying reading on my tablet. Certainly it’s so handy for traveling!

Buenas noches from Oaxaca City in Oaxaca State, Mexico!

Mail Art at Opps in Victoria!



IF you would like your handwritten card of encouragement in the third person sent from Mexico please bring it next Wednesday to

217 Kennedy

In Old City Quarter in between Fitzwilliam Street and Wentworth.

See you then!

Joanne Babiak

Loooooong Link But Great Article!



Just a wonderful ninth session of the Artist Way yesterday in the beautiful home and backyard of Carla! Thank you for hosting orange creative cluster and btw, great snacks!

In every book Julia Cameron talks about the inner critic, the inner censor. Well ladies, let your Artist flag fly unfettered as we prepare to bid fare there well…for now!

Remember or breaking camp session is at the lovely home of Sandy McLean in Old City Quatwe. She is the one who started our closed Facebook Page called Nanaimo Artist Way. If you have not been added to the group please let Sandy know and you will be added. We have thus group to keep in touch between groups.

And btw, ladies if you are interested in continuing the Artist Way journey with Riding the Dragon again next ssssummer/fall it is my finest hope that Tanya will co facilitate!  We would like to offer you a 50. dollar discount on the tuition. The new tuition with two facilitators and the Artist Way workbook, fountain poems and first journal has yet ti be decided. There is also a possibility that the original book, The Artist Way will be offered at Brechin United Church when I return from Mexico.

By all means do check in at this blog and my other two!


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