Nanaimo Artist Way Group Continues in May


It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again | Julia Cameron Live

This is the book we will be using in

Session One:  May 25th to June 29th

and/or  July 13th to August 17th

150. plus 20. materials fee  OR

80. plus 10. materials fee

Contact for more information. And do check out the rest of the blog! Our next Artist Way session starts in a month. Please spread the word!

Btw, Liberty at the magicalLobelia’s Lair is taking 50. deposits to hold your space.

The Artist Way beat goes on…and on…on!


Game for a 30 Day Art Jornal Challenge?


The 30 Day Journal Project – Lisa SonoraLisa Sonora

Last winter when I was in Oaxaca I had the good fortune to meet this talented mixed media artist who creatively mixes and matches old maps, stencils, sundry ephemera and acrylic paint in her funky and stylistically unique work. 

She offers a 30 Day Art Journal Challenge with daily prompts delivered right to your inbox to kickstart perhaps some latent/ dormant or hibernating creativity in the new year. You can use whatever you’ve got journal wise or art supply wise, btw. It’s really ALL about process!

Happy sketching, painting, cutting, pasting and hot glue gunning! Why be controlled and boring. Have ephemera and pockets sticking out in all directions and go through some of the weekly giveaways if you’ve attended any of the last Artist Way groups in Nanaimo, Ajijic or San Miquel de Allende. 

No Journal? White or black gesso some ordinary playing cards, punch them in the corner and put them on a binder ring.How easy is that?
There’s no time at all like the present while 2017 lies before us like a fresh white fluffy snowfall! Yeah, we know it’s gonna melt revealing litter and dogs are gonna urinate on it but right now, this very hour/ minute/ second it’s a totally blank slate for you to make your mark; any mark at all!

Get ARTing !

Soul Collage on Both Sides of the Border


A SoulCollage® Community Update – November 2012

One thing I’ve dabbled in for quite a few years now is Soul Collage. A good friend and I took a brilliant and inspiring all day soul collage class and since then I’ve done shorter workshops in Vancouver and at the LifePath Centre in Centro San Miquel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. 

I’ve also informally held Soul Collage experiential playshops in Penticton and Nanaimo, British Columbia and in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico as part of an ongoing Artist Way group. 

Always fun; always interesting and always insightful!

I’ve been toying with the idea of taking the facillitator training course that is offered in various places all over the world for some time. Soul Collage very nicely dovetails with both The Artist Way and the Jack Canfield Train the Trainer online classes I won a scholarship for a year ago. I was recently in Kamloops, British Columbia at an all day live seminar with Canfield where I pledged to complete my TTT by 
Canfield instructs us to be very precise with our intentions and since it is the first of the month as I head towards the end of 2016 it is a good time to take stock of what did or didn’t unfold this year. 

I’ll be doing this retrospective reflection in a different locale this year. I’ll be in a city I’ve never been before; the beautiful city of Cuernavaca, about an hour out of Mexico City.

Words of wisdom from an ancient sage. Says it all, don’t you think?

Time For Some Blogging Challenges? You Bet!


The ultimate guide to blogging challenges

Great list that I’ll be exploring one at a time and annotating. Since the list is three years old it likely needs some updating. 

Blog Challenge #1

Go through list separating wheat from chaff, so to speak.

Interesting expression!

Time For an Artist Way Reboot!


Well, as we know, life is what happens while making other plans and viva for other plans because these ‘ accidental’ delays, detours and yes total pull overs in the breakdown lane have led to the good, the bad and the ugly…but never ever,  ever the boring!

Last winter, I was in the beautiful city of Oaxaca where I taught Intermediate English and Conversational for Oklahoma English in Centro. This was a very rewarding experience and because it was all encompassing this blog went on an inadvertent hiatus.

Well, let me announe that I’m baaaaack and have recommitted to getting back to the joys of being involvedette in the blog o sphere!

With not one but three blogs!

Okay, now that I’ve declared my intention; always a good first step I need to FOCUS on following through!

What’s the NEXT right step as Julia Cameron likes to say?

Stay tuned, as they say in television land!



Creativity is rejected: Teachers and bosses don’t value out-of-the-box thinking.


Sadly, this can be the case while still working full time. I know it was when I was teaching in the most conservative school district in Penticton.

Fortunately, when retired, you still have a chance to unclip your wings, spread them right out and fly to new horizons!

Join us in August for another Magical Mystery Carpet Ride that is the Artist Way! Julia Cameron is releasing a brand new book called

It’s Never To Late! Explorations in Midlife and Beyond.

Twelve weeks. Twelve themes. Unimagined benefits in ALL directions in your life!

Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in Nanaimo. Place TBA. 175. plus a 20 material fee. We will be doing some intuitive painting this session with  acrylic paint in riotous colours from Mexico!

Group/Grupo Twelve coming up this ssssummer!