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Once More with Feeling!


Group #12 has started with five participants in attendance and another joining us next week. This week our theme is

Igniting a Sense of Wonder

and we are using Julia Cameron’s newest book called, ‘ It’s Never Too Late; Creative Adventures in Midlife and Beyond.

Besides the three ongong artist way tools of morning pages, artist dates and walks Julia is asking us to excavate our personal histories by dividing our age by 12. This week we discussed what our earliest personal memories might be and we spent some time writing about these very early memories using our new Bic disposible fountain pens. We also got our swag bags with a folder for handouts and a DIY binding kit. 

We went over the three Artist Way tools and discussed the addition of memoir writing.  The following questions were read and written about.

Age ____

Where did you live?

Who took care of you?

What’s your earliest memory?

What was your favorite book and toy?

Describe a smell that you remember from this stage of your life.

What was your favorite food?

Describe a sound from this part of your life.

Describe a location from this part of your life.

What other memories occur to you from this period. Perhaps they could be incorporated into an upcoming Artist Date.


Never Too Late

Take pen in hand and finish the following 1 to 5.

1.  If it werent too late I’d …

2.  If it werent too late I’d…

3.  If it werent too late I’d…

4.  If it werent too late I’d…

5.  If it were’nt too late I’d…

In our check in on session two we will also talk about our inner critic. Julia Cameron calls her’s Nigel!

One section of the chapter is entitled, Shrink Your Critic.

Do YOU have an inner crictic or sensor? Does he/she/it have a name?