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Game for a 30 Day Art Jornal Challenge?


The 30 Day Journal Project – Lisa SonoraLisa Sonora

Last winter when I was in Oaxaca I had the good fortune to meet this talented mixed media artist who creatively mixes and matches old maps, stencils, sundry ephemera and acrylic paint in her funky and stylistically unique work. 

She offers a 30 Day Art Journal Challenge with daily prompts delivered right to your inbox to kickstart perhaps some latent/ dormant or hibernating creativity in the new year. You can use whatever you’ve got journal wise or art supply wise, btw. It’s really ALL about process!

Happy sketching, painting, cutting, pasting and hot glue gunning! Why be controlled and boring. Have ephemera and pockets sticking out in all directions and go through some of the weekly giveaways if you’ve attended any of the last Artist Way groups in Nanaimo, Ajijic or San Miquel de Allende. 

No Journal? White or black gesso some ordinary playing cards, punch them in the corner and put them on a binder ring.How easy is that?
There’s no time at all like the present while 2017 lies before us like a fresh white fluffy snowfall! Yeah, we know it’s gonna melt revealing litter and dogs are gonna urinate on it but right now, this very hour/ minute/ second it’s a totally blank slate for you to make your mark; any mark at all!

Get ARTing !