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Time For Some Blogging Challenges? You Bet!


The ultimate guide to blogging challenges

Great list that I’ll be exploring one at a time and annotating. Since the list is three years old it likely needs some updating. 

Blog Challenge #1

Go through list separating wheat from chaff, so to speak.

Interesting expression!


Time For an Artist Way Reboot!


Well, as we know, life is what happens while making other plans and viva for other plans because these ‘ accidental’ delays, detours and yes total pull overs in the breakdown lane have led to the good, the bad and the ugly…but never ever, ¬†ever the boring!

Last winter, I was in the beautiful city of Oaxaca where I taught Intermediate English and Conversational for Oklahoma English in Centro. This was a very rewarding experience and because it was all encompassing this blog went on an inadvertent hiatus.

Well, let me announe that I’m baaaaack and have recommitted to getting back to the joys of being involvedette in the blog o sphere!

With not one but three blogs!

Okay, now that I’ve declared my intention; always a good first step I need to FOCUS on following through!

What’s the NEXT right step as Julia Cameron likes to say?

Stay tuned, as they say in television land!