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Mail Art at Opps in Victoria!


IF you would like your handwritten card of encouragement in the third person sent from Mexico please bring it next Wednesday to

217 Kennedy

In Old City Quarter in between Fitzwilliam Street and Wentworth.

See you then!

Joanne Babiak


Loooooong Link But Great Article!


Just a wonderful ninth session of the Artist Way yesterday in the beautiful home and backyard of Carla! Thank you for hosting orange creative cluster and btw, great snacks!

In every book Julia Cameron talks about the inner critic, the inner censor. Well ladies, let your Artist flag fly unfettered as we prepare to bid fare there well…for now!

Remember or breaking camp session is at the lovely home of Sandy McLean in Old City Quatwe. She is the one who started our closed Facebook Page called Nanaimo Artist Way. If you have not been added to the group please let Sandy know and you will be added. We have thus group to keep in touch between groups.

And btw, ladies if you are interested in continuing the Artist Way journey with Riding the Dragon again next ssssummer/fall it is my finest hope that Tanya will co facilitate!  We would like to offer you a 50. dollar discount on the tuition. The new tuition with two facilitators and the Artist Way workbook, fountain poems and first journal has yet ti be decided. There is also a possibility that the original book, The Artist Way will be offered at Brechin United Church when I return from Mexico.

By all means do check in at this blog and my other two!

and for my online Success Principles program

9 tips to get the most out of attending a writers conference


Have been to the San Miquel de Allende Writers Conference twice! I’m going to submit my short story, ‘No Fixed Address this year because I found out that there are fewer entries than usual.

Go ahead, Check out out. Joyce Carol Oates will be there among others!

The ultimate guide to blogging challenges


A couple of years ago, I decided to try one more time to write a novel for NaNoWriMo. It was third time lucky because my 50,000 words was called No Fixed Address.

I only liked the first chapter.

What I did discover after the thirty days was up that I am definitely NOT a novelist but I AM a blogger and have been for about ten years. I started doing my coursework in a blogging format and have morphed into a snowbird lifestyle, Artist Way and now Success Principles blog!

What I also discovered is that there are blogging challenges for bloggers!


20 Ways Sitting in Silence Can Completely Transform Your Life | The Mind Unleashed


I’m game but now know that it takes 66 days to establish a new habit not 21 days as previously thought. Fortunately there are wonderful 20 minute guided meditation videos on YouTube that are useful to silence the’monkey mind’ chatter of a whole lot of insane thoughts, fully and half formed.