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Essence Immersion Tribe Fall 2015::Explore Possibility! by LauriCox.Me on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds


I’ve found my tribe here in Nanaimo and south of the border in Ajijic, Sam Miquel and soon to be in Oaxaca come the middle of November.

Should I join an online tribe as well?  Continue to be a lurker?

Flip the coin!

It’s a mere six months until Leap Year day at the end of February…

Just what possibilities will come into my awareness, how will I act on them and what direction or path will the second half of my sixtieth year take?

I’m praying for not another miracle; but the NEXT one…

And yes, I am truly grateful for the abundance that I have and that which I have to share freely!

And so it is…


Recap of Session One of Ten


A bit slow on the draw with the recap due to short notice ferry pick up and out of province company by old amiga from Stratford Junior High School in Edmonton, Alberta on the weekend but here we go…

On the magic carpet ride that is the Nanaimo Artist Way, this time with eight in attendance around the circular table in our gracious host, Karin’s kitchen in her beautiful oceanview home in the College Heights area of Nanaimo.

The first theme is Emergence which of course, where you and everyone starts as you approach your  personal ‘dragon’ whatever that may look like. In each decade of our lives, it may look slightly different! In other words, Puff the Magic Dragon may be m.I.a. during some particularly turbulent or even suddenly turbulent years that stretch on far, far too long.