Monthly Archives: May 2015

Island Blue Art Classes on Vancouver Island


Yes, the Artist Way tribe is gathering once more! Next month, the Continuing the Artist Way meet up site will be up and leading towards the next Artist Way group starting in early August. Check this blog for local events, workshops and happenings!


Switching to New Locale this Week! Announcing New Continuing the Artist Way Meet Up Group!



A month has almost elapsed since my return from Mexico and two weeks since my pivotal birthday so time to update the Continuing the Artist Way blog changing the location and name of this blog from San Miquel de Allende, Mexico to Nanaimo, British Columbia AND also to register/revive the Nanaimo Continuing the Artist Way Meet Up group.

It’s time to call in and find the Artist Way ‘tribe!’ When playing one of my favorite word games I got my up close and personal ‘sign!’

As they say, ‘Stay tuned!’