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How To Encourage Curiosity Every Day


Before I leave SMA I’ll be changing the title of this blog to

Continuing the Artist Way in Nanaimo but the URL will remain the same.

Keep on keeping on, past and present Artist Way participants…on BOTH sides of the border!


Blog – Journal52 The beat goes on…


This is a great art journaling site with weekly themes and this week the theme is….playing cards! This winter, for some unknown reason playing cards seem to be very appealing as a highly portable, fun and yes, cost effective art media. And because Spanish playing cards are so inexpensive at the mercados y la papelerias I’m taking multiple sets back.

I’ve even gessoed some using black and white gessoed for my next Artist Way grupo or a 52 Card Pick Up painting experience! I like to keep my options open.

Since it’s always the prep work that takes time I like to do this kind of time consuming prep while watching television con subtituladas!

This just in…A Water Colour Lesson on Painting Tulips


As many of you know, I’m a retired teacher and one of the moms of a former student (now herself a teacher,btw) who is quite a well known water colour painter in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. She posted this interesting link to a site where she has posted two lessons on painting tulips, now in season.

Spring must have spring in the interiour of B.C.! But for a true tulip experience just in case you can’t afford to jet off to Amsterdam you can possibly put Connor in Washington State on your radar. You can witness the incredible visual spectacle of fields and fields of tulips of every possible hue and colour!