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This came through on my Facebook feed which is very timely because I’m currently working on my third draft of my upcoming guidebook for newbie snowbirds called, ‘One Suitcase Snowbird.’

If you are a writer of any sort do check these talks out!


Calendar of Events in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Guide


If you are bored in San Miquel de Allende then you really are not trying very hard. This fantastic site is chock o block full of an array of fantastic events and the ones in purple type are even free of charge! This is how I found out about the arrival of Senor of the Column from the mission in Antotonilco tomorrow at dawn.

Last winter, I was part of the throngs in the El Jardin watching the elaborate Good Friday processions. This year, I’ll decided to witness where the Easter observance all begins and this is with the arrival of the Senor of the Column! | Documentary Media for Film & Web | Esther Buckareff


Here’s my Cuban documentary for those of you that missed the recent screening at the Life Path Retreat Centre a couple of weeks back. This site shows the full eleven minute documentary as well as some behind the scenes footage.

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For the remaining four weeks our grupo switched over to Cafe Rama which serves fantastic Veracruz coffee!

Last Week the theme was once again a very apropos theme, Resiliency. It certainly has been an interesting journey from Week One! We’ve all learned a lot about our path on the Artist Way and have hosted one, soon to be two successful Altered Playing Card playshops. Mil Gracias, Ana!

The next one is thus coming up Thursday at 4:30. Please email me at for taxi driver directions en espanol.

Last Thursday Ana and I went on a fascinating Artist Date to Namuh Furniture Warehouse just behind the Liverpool Mall. I was there a month ago and they’ve changed quite a few if the ‘vignettes’. These are the room arrangements showcasing different pieces of furniture, both custom made and antique or distressed.

Definitely a MUST Artist Way date when in the San Miquel de Allende area!