Supply List from Jane Dill


February 6, 2015, 1:00

Hi Ladies –

What a fun class! I just downloaded the iPhone snaps and cropped everything
– I hope nothing is upside down or sideways, my apologies in advance.

I just LOVE the work you all did, and the little texture squares are
beautiful (just tell your friends that it’s a 40×30″ painting!).

I’m also copying the supply list that I send after the 3-day class, some of
these items you didn’t use, but a lot you did. I’ve included the Golden
products as well, if you’re back in the North and need to buy them.

I’m also attaching a flyer for my upcoming classes in March and April. My
February class is full and the March classes usually fill too, if any of
your friends are interested.

March 11: Introduction to Mixed Media (2 spaces left)
March 17-19: Mixed Media, Texture & Mark Making (1 space left)
March 23-25: Mixed Media, Texture & Mark Making (3-4 spaces left)
April 8th: Introduction to Mixed Media (3 spaces left)
April 21-23: Mixed Media, Texture & Mark Making (3-4 spaces left)

Here’s the link to my website and flyer/PayPal info:

And last but not least, I hope you can all join us for the annual San
Antonio Open Studios, February 21 & 22nd, noon-5pm. I’ll be doing a demo
from 11-11:30 (or so) at my studio. Here’s the link to the website with
artwork from all the 50 artists, maps, flyers, events, Preview Party, etc.

Feel free to share with your friends!

All the best,

PEARL RIVER – Chinese Rice Paper:


Pentel Art Brush Pen:

Golden Hard Gel (semi-gloss):

Golden Fluid Matt Medium:

Golden Fluid Acrylics:

Golden High Flow Acrylics:

Golden Hard Molding Paste – matt:

Golden Iridescent Heavy Body Acrylics (gold, copper, bronze):

STENCILS: (they pack
it with old pattern tissue!!)
#’s 180, 184, 204, 237 286, 317, 319, 334


“>> (there are so many! I
bought Set #15 and cut them up into about 20 stamps)


Acrylic Solutions (Julie Pritchard)

Surface Treatment Workshop (my Santa Fe teachers: Sandra Duran Wilson &
Darlene McElroy)

CRADLE BOXES: made locally at my carpentaria located on Zacateros,
Funerales Ramirez, next to the Lebanese restaurant.
10×10″ wooden/masonite boxes: $50 pesos – sorry, don’t know the phone, just
go there bring one of your boxes with you to order them, and they’ll make
any size you want. Ask for Delfino, but anyone there will make them. Leave
them a 1/2 deposit.

Japanese rice paper (thin)
Liquid acrylics in all colors (Politec brand)
Acrylic Gloss Medium (Sellador) or Golden brand
Plastelita or Golden Molding Paste
Fabric paints (for squeeze bottle lettering)
Micron .05 or .08 markers
Bond paper for practice
Corrogated cardboard
Foam brushes
Assorted brushes for painting
Flat masonite boards
Texture rollers
Palette knives
. . . and a whole lot more!
MX: 052 (415) 111-5192
US: 1 (505) 577-5900


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I am a happily retired teacher/expat to be now relocated to the spectacularly beautiful Harbour City of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. During snowbird six I decided to morph from snowbird to Mexpat! I'm taking the 'scenic route' geographically and metaphorically during the next 5 to 6 months as I downsize, downsize, downsize in preparation for an international move in the fall. Follow my blog at

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