Week One: Origins


Last Tuesday at LifePath Retreat Centre we welcomed ten participants with the anticipation of the first day of kindergarten. Who would come and how would the group interact. Would we have fun and laugh. Would this be OUR tribe? Who is this facillitator, this seasonal rifffaff person? Does she know anything about anything? Do we?

Well, the happy answer is YES, this IS our tribe and we are actually a tribe of TWELVE as of next week when two absent but returning friends join us. We are absolutely a diverse lot from a landscape artist to a photographer to a sculptor to a soul collage facillitator to an Alaskan taxi7tour operator to a calligrapher, to painters, a couple of bloggers and all variants in between. I am albolutely thrilled beyond expectations to have this wonderful group of artists of all ilks to hang out with on our 12 week Artist Way Journey. We expect miracles7milagras!


Now for the recap. After signing in and picking up our handouts , journals, pens, and other supplies like a set of playing cards for the ongong ALTERED PLAYING CARD project that will unfold for the duration with show and tell7trading day on Week Six and Week Twelve.

We took our places and at seats with numbers and quotiations and blog information on the chairs and introduced ourselves and read our respective quotations. In subsequent week we will highlight what Joseph Bennet calls  juicy bits our of the chapters are we go through them. We went over the three basic Artist Way tools, the morning pages, te artist date and the artist walk. Some people had some familiarity with the Artist Way from the first book, some had not which also was fine as Walking in the World, the Practical Art of Creativity is a self contained book even though it once again makes use of the format of 12 themes.. We also took seven minutes to do some free association writing.

We had time to do one task from the chapter and I assigned one. to be reported on for the next gathering. The one IN class task was to make a list of ten small even baby steps that were doable within the next two weeks mas o menos.  We though of activities ranging from the fairly pedestirian all the way up to opening a high end perfumerie in San Miquel. I pesonally hope that one comes about because my bottle of Duty Free Cool Water for Women is not gonna last to the end of April!

The task that was assigned was to make a list of adjectives describing out best attributes and traits. If this is difficult  my advice was to use the third person. Looking forward to seeing what palabras emerge from the wells of creativity next Tuesday!

At the end of the night the proprietess of LifePath, Beverley came in to see how things had gone  and to inform me that we can keep the big SHOW LOUNGE room. We were originally slated for the smaller room on the lower leve which basically was a living room situation with not much scope for different room arrangements and moving into smaller breakout groups and the like but now that we DO have the Vegas show lounge so to speak this really opens up a lot of exciting possibilities!

We wrapped up with a one word sign out and I showed the group some pictures on my tabler of Altered Playing Cards that other artists had made including some that were punched in the corner and hanging of a metal ring. I m going to ask an amigan coming for a visit mid February to brin us some large metal rings.

Also coming up in mid Febraury is the Day of Love and Friendship here in Mexico also called Valentine s Day NOB, north of the border. Since I brought with me a small production run of ABSINTHE, yes, absinte from  a distillery in the Okanagan Valley in the interiour of British Columbia where I use to live.

I invite our tribe and their guests to drop in from noonish onward to try some Canadian made absinte and chase the green fairy! Slotted spoons not essential but highly desireable. If you have any familiarity with the glory years in the twenties in Paris you will likely have seen that famour Toulouse Lautrec poster of Absinte Drinkers in a sidewalk cafe. I had that print framed for years and years but somewhere along the line in my over two dozen moves in three provinces and California it got lost.

I find that whole era fascinating and interesting enough the very best brand of absinte in Paris, France was called Joanna..




About canmexartistway

I am a happily retired teacher/expat to be now relocated to the spectacularly beautiful Harbour City of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. During snowbird six I decided to morph from snowbird to Mexpat! I'm taking the 'scenic route' geographically and metaphorically during the next 5 to 6 months as I downsize, downsize, downsize in preparation for an international move in the fall. Follow my blog at www.theaccidentalmexpat.wordpress.com

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