Next Tuesday! We step on the Magic Carpet Ride for the SMA Artistway


Anticipation is building in the new year and the SMA is ready to launch NEXT Tuesday, January 13th at LifePath Retreat Centre from 4 30 to 6 30 p.m. with at this point ten participants! I am thrilled to be able to hold my second grupo in Mexico, the first being in Ajijic, Jalisco two winters ago. We will be using Julia Cameron´s second Artist Way book entitled, ´Walking in the World, the Practical Art of Creativity.

Prior experience with the first book is neither expected or required but on Tuesday after the requisite introductions we will go over the three Artist Way tools that continue on in this book and subsequent books. The book that I did in Nanaimo, British Columbia, my home city up North was ´Finding Water, the Art of Perserverance. At the first session we all declared publically our intents and it was truly amazing what traspired by the end of the 12 sessions. The twelve week session will not be any different so get ready for milagras/miracles! Years later I still hear success stories from past participants and this upcoming session will be my 11th session. Always different, always inspiring and miracles guaranteed.

To begin with I´m posting a link to give you an overview or a refresher as the case may be with the three Artist Way tools.

Moring Pages- the cornerstone of the program in this book and all of Julia Cameron´s books.  Sometimes referred by other writers as the Daily Dialogue this is three pages of longhand  first-thing-in the-morning  stream of consciousness writing. The whole idea is that it is an early morning ´brain dump´´ and I as well have others have found that mornings really do work best as it is a time between sleeping and full consciousness. At this time the inner censor may not be fully conscious to block or criticize any ´pie int he sky´ ideas that may occur to you. Too old, too busy, don´t have time, studio, art supplies, knowledge, expertise whatever. Writing down our unedited thoughts absolutely everything and anything is possible!

Look at Betty White last night at the Peoples Choice Awards accepting a Best Comedic Actress award at 93! None of us is even close to that age hence age is NOT an excuse to do anything. I personally was the second oldest student at Documentary Film Summer School in Havana, Cuba and the only one without formal film school background and experience. What I DID have was a whole lot of experience working as a crew member in various capacities on about a dozen short films including two that I directed, a television pilot and a the Canadian indie film, ´Ill Fated.

Morning Pages

Julia empasizes the benefits of longhand pen and paper writing but for the tech crowd there are alternatives.

The question that comes up is should you read your morning pages. Julia Cameron says empatically, ´No´, not until at least 6 or 7 weeks in. Julia has been writing her monring pages for decades now and thought she would refer to them when she wrote her autobiography, ´Floor Sample´but even then she tells us that the shelves housing her journals remained largely untouched.

I personally burn mine after they accumulate for a while but of course everyone is different!

Artist Date

The Artist Date is a time set aside for yourself to do something on your own to fill or refill your creative wishing well.  They can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Here´s 101 suggestions for planning this week and subsequent week´s Artist Dates. In a place as vibrant as San Miquel de Allende you will have no problem finding or thinking up things to do and places to go. And best of all, they do NOT have to cost any money whatsoever!

Artist Walk

Once again, SMA is the perfect city to do your Artist Walks. Julia recommends at least 20 minutes and once again this should be a solitary pursuit so that you are fully present. Pay attention to your surroundings on this walk using all your senses. No music, no companion, no cel phone checking. Just be…


Did you know that just the act of walking and observing life in the streets has a special name? It´s flaneur so Julia Cameron is asking us to be a conscious, very present flaneur in our respective worlds for at least 20 minutes a week.


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