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Interesting Video on Perspective

This is a fantastic video on the theme of perspective even if we discover it is a commercial in the last five seconds.

This week’s theme was Perspective and I gave out a paper containing the Chinese symbol for Crisis/Opportunity. Same symbol two ways to look at it? Is it the end of the world or the beginning  of another?

Consider the ying yang sign which is widely considered to be the symbol of life in balance. Within the black side there is a speck of white. Conversely, there is a black spot within the white side.

Life in balance?

Leonard Cohen thinks so,

‘There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.’


Perspective Definition of


Always good to start with a dictionary definition since, yes, there are so many differing views on the fascinating concept of perspective because it affects our day to day life in so many ways.

Is the margarita glass half full or half empty or is it merely time to order another round?

Marianne Williamson Quotes (Author of A Return to Love)


I shared this powerful quotation at the beginning of our session on the theme of Proportion. It fits very nicely with last week’s discussion of size and shape shifting, imho.

And yes, Ms. Williamson does use the term God, capital G but as Julia Cameron has said many times in her Artist Way books you can substitute any term for any higher power or none at all.

The whole message is really ALL about letting your LIGHT shine!

Walking as Prayer | Julia Cameron Live


In yesterday’s session we did touch on the subject of walking as  meditation. Julia Cameron likens our walks to prayer which is an interesting metaphor.

Recap of Week Three pending. Have heard from our in house Soul Collage facilitator and she is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and training in a mini soul collage card making session on the theme of Adventure after the break.

Remember we voted ti start earlier at 4 from now on. 4 to 5, a shirt tea/coffee break then the second part.  Next week we will be promoting the Artist Tool check in due to time considerations but do keep writing your three pages of Morning Pages, taking those solo Artist Dates and Artist Walks.

They really DO make a difference!