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People always ask IF they can write their morning pages ON their laptop. Well, the official answer is no. There really IS someithing different about moving a pen across a paper but during this intensive month, as an experiment I’m going to try a week of online journalling this week on a site that some Artist Way people use called …

I’ll start tomorrow and see how it differs from the paper and pen experience!

Check out  or not!



Julia Speaks!


As we enter Day EIGHT and the second theme of Colour I want to give you some links on the value of Morning Pages or Daily Dialogue as one other other has called them.

But for now let’s listen to Julia Cameron being interviewed on the topic of Morning Pages.

Here are some more links to check out!

This one is right from Julia Cameron s website.

FIVE Reasons You Need to Start Writing Morning Pages Right NOW

And here s one for FAQ.

Morning Pages and More…


After a week of morning pages, we are not going to ask how many days you wrote them. Even in her books, Julia Cameron asks and hopes that you are answering seven out of seven but as with a whole lot of other things in your life you keep your own counsel. As we are well aware, what we think and what we actually do either are or can be two different things..

Life provides us with so many different opportunities to make choices. Sometimes, of course they are not always in our best or highest interest but choose we do.

If you have not gotten the morning pages habit yet, please, please perservere because you will be amazed at how many direct and indirect benefits will result! I came across this great blog by a morning pages aficionado and the points he raises will be discussed in today’s session later this morning.

According to Nicky Hajal these are the top five!

Slice through brain loops.

Identify what’s important every day.

Gain perspective over events.

Keep your projects on track.

Anchor new habits.

Soooooo, just for today pck up that pen and spill out three pages of random, stream of consciousness thoughts and observe your day unfold!

And above all be authentically grateful for the abundance that is our to have and to share with others.  And so it is…Namaste.

Week One Follow Up


We had our very fist session at the Nanaimo Unity Church and thank you, group for being on time so that we could start on time and end on time. This is an intensive writing experience so we want to really commit and focus on the task at hand which is to write daily for a consecutive thirty days and beyond.

Many things come out of these stream of consciousness pages even though at first there is resistance and perhaps a whole lot of whining and complaining. Actually, if you have a pen that you enjoy using and a journal size that is not too formidable with perhaps wide spacing like the composition book I provided everyone with then you are ‘off to the races’ so to speak.

A big thank you to Artist Way alumi, Tanya Horne for both explaining and providing a writing contract for us to sign in the presence of each other as we accept our role to be each other’s believing mirrors!

The format for the five sessions will be approximately a third writing, a third discussing our writing or anything emerging from our daily writing and a third from the content of excerpts of Juiia Cameron’s book, ‘Vein of Gold.’

As we step on the magic carpet ride of the first chapter under consideration we open ourselves to the unfolding and revealing of miracles big and small. And just to get the ball rolling on this I passed around a small container of silver coloured milagras from Mexico which are small charms representing things in our physical and spiritual world.

We also discussed the importance of taking the time to WALK in our car culture. And to walk alone with our observations and our thoughts whatever they may be!

Continuing the Artist Way In Nanaimo for 30 Days Theme One: Entering the Imagic Nation


If you’ve read any other previous postings on this blog you already know that I’m getting ready to head south for the winter to San Miquel de Allende, Mexico come November when the gray, rain laden clouds start moving in for their long monthly stays That’s why this area in mid Vancouver Island is so very green even in the dry season.

But I digreass.  This is Posting/Mile Zero on the upcoming 30 Day Morning Pages and Miracles Challenge. At 7;29 p.m. PSDT the fall eqiinox started in this part of the world. Slowly, ever so slowly we will be losing mintes of daylight and gaining minutes of night time enroute to the winer solstice round about December 21rst.

Tomorrow, eight enthusiastic writers will convene to step on the Magic Carpet ride of a 30 Day Challenge to write three pages of morning pages every single day for 30 days. Day One is Tuesday, September 23rd. Day Thirty is October 22nd which is actually a Wednesday. The first four sessions will be held ON site at Nanaimo Unity Church on East Wellington Road. The fifth and final session will be OFF site at The Buzz Coffee Place nearby just off Bowen Road.  Tanya, who has graciously agreed to cofacilitate and be the time keeper keeping us on time and I talked to the owner of The Buzz and we will get to use the lovely light filled back board room for the mere cost of us getting drinks and snacks from them.

Very fair. At that time, there will also be an opportuntity to connect with online participants from outside Nanaimo via Google Hangout which I only recently learned out to do. Free video chat anywhere in North America for up to 12 participants. Currently, we have a possible writer from the Phillipines and a writing professor from t he University of Kentucky.

Isn’t technology grand?

Do check in tomorrow on DAY ONE to see what we are really up to!