Five Minute/ Cinco Minuto Collages


Assignment Uno

This is a great exercise to get your creativity flowing! It helps not to overthink and wonder what comes next. The objective is to work quickly and intuitively within the five minute timing. Do not worry if the collage does not look ‘finished.’

Five collages, five minutes each is the modus operandi. Collect five small piles of images and ephemera in five small plastic bags or folders. Once the bags or folders have an interesting assortment of choices take a 3 by 5 cardboard or 140 lb. water colour paper or other background and start gluing every which way!  Don’t forget to start the five minute timer. If you like what emerges in the timed collage you can always return to it and add additional features…or not.

You just may surprise yourself with your mini collages! Now go and collect that ephemera and those images!

I’ll post this week. Feel free to send me pictures of yours to

Title message Collage-arama # 1.




Paint Night | Calgary | Cocktails + Collage


You’ve heard of Paint Night with wine or other libations? Well, these enterprising Calgarians have a Cocktails & Collage night at various bars!

Groovy AND once I get some shadow boxes built I’m introducing this experience to Lakeside!

I mean, really, who doesn’t like having martinis or cosmopolitans with the grrls?

Julia/ Julie? No, Joanne/ Joanna


Inspired by the one year cooking challenge movie, Julie & Julie I decided to embark on a one year artistic challenge, in collage, no less. I’ve been sporadically following the work of Randel Plowman for a while and now I’ve paid and signed up for a 52 week challenge that will take me into 2020!  I’ve decided to use this year long challenge to revitalize and revitalize my blogging after an extended hiatus.

I invite you to come along with me on this mixed media voyage week by week including my proposed four month foray North of the border! To Edmonton! Harrison Hot Springs! Lower mainland! Vancouver Island! Salt Spring Island! Cortes Island! And who knows just where/ donde this jypsygrrl will wander off to!

Follow me on this blog AND @jypsygrrl on Twitter and maybe Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest under Luna Azul Mixed Media Enterprises International.