Destination: Austin, Texas/ Ducks in a Row Modus Operandi


Just one week now until the silver bird carries me to my first real trip to Texas. to the capital city to start. It was supposed to be a five day layover enroute to my hometown of Edmonton but since I delayed booking my plane ticket too long the fares have shot up significantly so I’m tabling my trip home to see my family…for now.

I’m getting my ducks in a row vis a vis Chapter 77/Guadalajara and Lake Chapala Shut Up & Write weekly writing group meeting on Thursdays from 1 to 3 p.m. at Casa Libertad in San Antonio and also the LALA Book Club, the Latin American Literature Appreciation Book Club. I started both grupos and now I’m leaving for four months so I want to keep the ‘torch’ lit when I’m gone.

Last summer, almost the first day I was in Chicago the wheels fell off the Coffee Klatch and the monthly Last Friday of the Month dinner group. I think the Coffee Klatch is still going but I was teaching English this winter so didn’t go and now there is a Lakeside Dining Group on which is organized by someone else for monthly group dinners.

It’s okay. Things, people change here at Lakeside. People arrive and depart. A reason or a season someone once wisely said. I think my derfinition of a true blue friend is one that I would keep in touch with even if I’m not living in City  X,Y or Zihautenejo. I certainly have acquaintances here, even reasonably close acquaintances here. True blue amiga/amigos? Remains to be seen, I think.








Paint Night | Calgary | Cocktails + Collage


You’ve heard of Paint Night with wine or other libations? Well, these enterprising Calgarians have a Cocktails & Collage night at various bars!

Groovy AND once I get some shadow boxes built I’m introducing this experience to Lakeside!

I mean, really, who doesn’t like having martinis or cosmopolitans with the grrls?

Julia/ Julie? No, Joanne/ Joanna


Inspired by the one year cooking challenge movie, Julie & Julie I decided to embark on a one year artistic challenge, in collage, no less. I’ve been sporadically following the work of Randel Plowman for a while and now I’ve paid and signed up for a 52 week challenge that will take me into 2020!  I’ve decided to use this year long challenge to revitalize and revitalize my blogging after an extended hiatus.

I invite you to come along with me on this mixed media voyage week by week including my proposed four month foray North of the border! To Edmonton! Harrison Hot Springs! Lower mainland! Vancouver Island! Salt Spring Island! Cortes Island! And who knows just where/ donde this jypsygrrl will wander off to!

Follow me on this blog AND @jypsygrrl on Twitter and maybe Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest under Luna Azul Mixed Media Enterprises International.